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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Remember, Honor, Commit

- Who are the veterans you are honoring today? Share your reflections on Memorial Day.
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Congratulations, Golds of 2011!

- Golds of 2011 carry on Trinity's great traditions of service and leadership to the world!
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- Powerful men acting stupid: The Rerun!
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Erasing Women from the Picture

- God created men and women equally in His image. He did not use Photoshop.
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The Banality of Evil

- The photo of Bin Laden watching television exposes the banality of the world's most hunted criminal.
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Coping With Chronic Disbelief

- The age of disbelief creates forces that can paralyze legitimate governance.
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Saints and Sinners

- The triumph of Pope John Paul II over tyranny stands in stark contrast to the miserable evil of Osama bin Laden.
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