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Sunday at the Arboretum


Not a moment too soon, spring has arrived.  After weeks of terrible news — earthquake, tsunami, nuclear crisis in Japan; war planes over Libya; nasty politics in Washington threatening to shut down the government and wipe out vital programs — after all of that, a few hours listening to birds chirping brightly and watching buds open seemed like just the right antidote to winter’s departing gloom.

So, on this day that marks the end of winter and the first day of spring — the vernal equinox — I spent the early morning taking in the delights of the National Arboretum.  This wonderful spot is just ten minutes from Trinity — why don’t we go more often?  Just off New York Avenue where the Baltimore/Washington Parkway begins, the Arboretum is 446 acres of peace, quiet, natural beauty and horticulture delight.  It’s open every day except Christmas from 8 am to 5 pm — enough time for an early stroll, a lunchtime hike, a late afternoon quick escape, or a weekend picnic and group study tour.

If you’ve never been to the Arboretum, you have not seen this beautiful vista of the Anacostia River:

On the river bank far below this lovely bench, I spotted a fox gamboling over the brush:

This morning the buds were opening all over the place:

Birds were very happy to have some fresh plant life for feasting:

Robins were all over the place:

I even spied a bluebird, a rare sight in the city:

This one is a tufted titmouse:

One of the more startling sights at the Arboretum are the “capitol columns” rising on a hillside —

You can learn more about the National Arboretum and its many gardens on its website.  Really, it’s this close to Trinity:Beautiful places are very close by!

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3 Responses to Sunday at the Arboretum

  1. This reminder was indispensable for me and the pictures are amazing. This reminded me that there is something beautiful out there – beautiful nature with birds, animals, beautiful flowers and very many amazing things to think about. News about events in the World is really awfully depressing. This article is like a fresh breath.

  2. Bidet Seat says:

    I fell in love with the place already ^_^ sooo beautiful! I hope I’ll be able to go there someday 😀

  3. Bird Watcher says:

    I have heard of the National Arboretum But have never been there. The pictures are beautiful.Yes after all the terrible happenings world wide, Spring has sprung and the birds are returning from their winter habitat. The purple martins have returned from South America to the same place they raised their family last year and the geese and ducks are returning to the north country. So all is well with Mother Nature.

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