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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Looting Antiquity

- Protesting tyranny is essential, but looting antiquity is a crime.
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Defining Lives of Hope

- Sharing graduation day with Liverpool Hope University was a rare privilege and remarkable opportunity to explore our future partnership.
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Not Again!

- Terrorists strike again, will we ever know real peace?
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The Dream Will Never Die

- Remembering President Kennedy's call to public service and global leadership.
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What We Can Do For Our Country

- Ask what you can do for your country --- and do it!
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The Conscience of the Nation

- Where are the leaders like Dr. King today, able to arouse the conscience of the nation to demand peace and justice?
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“NO!” to Inhumane Ideas

- When will Congress find a spine and a conscience on the subject of guns?
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Trinity Heroes: Phil and Mary Shannon ’60

- We remember Phil Shannon's zest for life and amazing generosity, and send our messages of great gratitude and support to Mary Shannon.
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Hopeful New Year!

- Let's make 2011 a year of Hope and Opportunity!
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