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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Farewell, Dark Decade

- Let's leave the disasters and fears of the last decade behind. Bring on the new year!
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Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

- Merry Christmas to All!
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Holiday Rules, 2010 Edition!

- Ten simple rules to enjoy the Christmas season and get ready for the new year!
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Dreams Deferred

- Congressional failure to pass the Dream Act denies justice and educational opportunity to rising generations of immigrant children.
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Lame Ducks Filibuster Justice

- Where is the common sense, ability to compromise and generosity of spirit that used to be part of national lawmaking? Congress is wreaking havoc on the rights and needs of the people they are sworn to serve.
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An Empty Chair in Oslo

- China's reaction to Liu Xiaobo's receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize reveals that all of the images of "progress" simply mask the old repressive regime.
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Google Gonzo

- If you Google yourself, you need to accept the consequences!
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Wiki World

- Wikileaks is the harbinger of a future where all knowledge is public, nothing is secret, and the real task is to discern the truth lurking within the giant cloud of information.
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