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What $78 Million Could Buy


What can $78,000,000 buy?

One broken-down old quarterback well past his prime playing years?  That’s how Redskins owner Danny Snyder spends his money in his endless, fruitless quest for football success (translation:  the Super Bowl).

But some of us could make that money do a lot more good than padding Donovan McNabb‘s retirement home.

Here’s what else $78,000,000 could buy:

* The new Trinity Academic Center in all phases — new classroom and laboratory building, new library, new landscape and parking lots, furnishings, the whole thing!

* 2600 full scholarships — tuition, room and board — for one year; or

* 650 full four-year scholarships, all expenses paid!

* If invested and treated as endowment, nearly 200 full tuition scholarships every year forever!

* 2 1/2 years of Trinity’s total operating budget!

* Full renovation of Main and Alumnae Halls!

* 1200 beds in new residence halls!

I’m just sayin!  Dan Snyder, call me, I can make you a much better deal!!  And doing some good with your money will make you forget that total embarrassment with the Eagles last night!

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