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Monthly Archives: November 2010

War of the Wonks

- Cathie Black will do fine as Chancellor of the New York Public Schools. But the War of the Wonks over education credentials is distracting from the real business of education reform.
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Thanksgiving: The List

- We give thanks for our students, faculty, staff, alumnae and many generous friends. You make Trinity's mission thrive each day!
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JFK Remembered

- President Kennedy's legacy includes the Peace Corps, space program, integration of universities and foundation for the War on Poverty.
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No Pity for Charlie

- Trinity's Honor System teaches students that there's no substitute for acting with honor and integrity every single day. One dishonest act can destroy a lifetime of good work.
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Women’s Colleges: Seize the Day!

- Presidents of women's colleges, gathered in the Women's College Coalition meeting at Trinity this week, reaffirm our commitment to the central importance of women's education as an economic and social imperative for our nation.
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What $78 Million Could Buy

- $78 million, Redskins Quarterback Donovan McNabb's new contract value, could fund 2600 full tuition-room-board scholarships!
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Cathie Black: Close to the Flame

- What is it with Trinity Women, the irresistible urge to fly close to the flame? Cathie Black, Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sebelius and so many others show us new ways to reinvent our careers continuously, never give up, always be of service to the greatest human needs on the face of the earth.
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Chancellor Black!

- Cathie Black '66 will bring a fresh leadership style and deep commitment to excellence to her new role as chancellor of the New York City Public Schools. Congrats, Cathie!
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Identity and Women’s Education

- In the debate over student identities and women's colleges, the issue should not be a rigid emphasis on biology but an inclusive educational philosophy.
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110 Years of Pioneer Women!

- Among the many election post-mortems, I've not seen many commentaries on the considerable setbacks for women that Tuesday's tsunami of change brought to Washington...
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