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The Price of Justice

- Justice - scales with money"Did you see how they just got off? And went home to Andover?? For a good home-cooked meal???"

Smoke was almost visible coming out of my friend's ears, she was so angry. News just broke that the two Georgetown freshmen, arrested last week for cooking up some very strong drugs in their Harbin Hall dorm room, were released into the custody of their parents who immediately took them home to Andover, Massachussets to await trial.
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President’s Blog: Walk(man) on Bye(bye)

- Oh, how I craved the Walkman! Back in the day when my running game was a daily obsession (yes, that’s true, let it be a lesson to everyone!), I spent long boring hours pounding the pavement in Georgetown and…
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Amazing Women

- I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of hanging out with some pretty amazing women in the last several days. Last Thursday, at a press briefing and luncheon, the Washington Area Women’s Foundation released their new study on the condition and…
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The Next School Superintendent

- Today’s press conference announcing Michelle Rhee’s resignation as D.C. Public Schools Chancellor was a class act all the way around.   The show of unity and continuity between Outgoing Mayor Adrian Fenty and presumptive next Mayor Vincent Gray was encouraging.  Chancellor…
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Mission v. Manifesto

- My teachers in elementary school mostly worked for no salaries at all — they were nuns whose devotion to their vocations led them to careers in teaching back in the day when the Catholic schools in Philadelphia were thriving.    Among…
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Poverty Matters

- Sometimes I read something that just stops me in my tracks.  Makes me think about what’s really going on.  Causes me to wonder why so many people just don’t get it. Just days after the defeat of Mayor Adrian Fenty…
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