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Summer's Last Glance


reeds on the water (Medium)

Nanjemoy Creek

Too soon, summer’s gone,

green dragonfly (Medium)
June’s list yet undone.
July’s long light waning
in August’s early autumn shadow.

best dragon (Medium)

Dragonflies linger

dragonfly (Medium)

where young eagles rise.

eagle (Medium)

Marsh reeds once lush
now fading brown
in golden slants of setting sun.

dying reeds (Medium)

Hatchlings long gone
leave empty nests

empty nest (Medium)
for hunters again feeding alone.

osprey with fish

Eagles watch…

eagle closeup (Medium) Warily…
To reclaim the river
from human disruption.


Osprey’s cry and heron’s caw
no longer warn intruding paddlers;

grasshopper (Medium)

while marsh tides carry the low insistent hum
of grasshoppers feasting
on fading remains
of green glory’s ruins.

dead leaves 2 (Medium)

Too soon, summer’s gone.

dead locust (Medium)

Read more about Nanjemoy Creek in southern Maryland.

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  1. I wonder what effect that the gulf oil spill will have upon the hunting season this year. We have already had a decline in the real estate industry because of the economy and the oil spill. Just maybe the cold will help the oil solidify on the gulfs floor.

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