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Madness in the Funhouse


Goodbye to August, the maddest month of the year.  Long days with hot air breezes.  Takes me back to the times when we kids would clamor to go to the amusement park, maybe the cheezy big one on the Wildwood boardwalk, or that decrepit old one back in the woods along a Pennsylvania country road.  We couldn’t wait to go to the funhouse, that scary dark place where we’d get on a rickety car on rails and find ourselves transported into a long, twisty darkness full of distortions that were, at once, utterly frightening and completely fascinating, smelling of old sewers, stale peanuts, popcorn and kids’ fear.

This August felt like a ride through the old funhouse.


Clicketyclakclicketyclakcliketclakclikclk… is your seat belt fastened?


AAAAaaaaarrrgggghhhhhh!  What’s that, a bat? No!  A Beck!

Faces flashing on the screens, eyes wide open, mouths agape, headsets screaming…

Reclaim, restore, renew, revise…


America has wandered in the darkness….til flashing laser eyes light up the tunnel…show us the way! where are we going?  how did we get here??


Huge glasses shining in the echochamber, what’s she saying? Caribou Barbie channeling Martin Luther King, Jr.?  Reclaiming civil rights?  Down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass where nothing is as it seems…


Reload, Sarah!


Yikes!  Something moved in that corner, over there!

A mosque!  A mosque!

To arms!  To arms!  To twitter!  To blogs!


Glenn screams, Accept God!

But not in a mosque!

Do not defile sacred space!

But proclaim MYSELF from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial!

Walt Whitman pops out of the darkness:  I celebrate myself and sing myself…

clikcetyclakakakakakakclackwhoa! WHOA!


In the corner!  Flames leap up, tri-cornered hats, red white and blue, reclaim the revolution! Burn the constitution! Or only the 14th Amendment?

Save the Second Amendment!  Keep my musket free!

Freedom of religion for the religions we decree!


Blago almost exonerated, Roger indicted,

Tiger divorced, Strasburg undone…

A city turns its lonely eyes to… Donovan McNabb!

Hail to the Redskins. Aaaaiiiieeeeeeeeeeee…….


Whew, that was pretty scary, almost lost our brakes!

The August funhouse ride grinds to a halt.

Move on, kids, summer’s over.

The funhouse is closed.

Time for the grownups to reclaim the stage.

(Seriously, I did consider writing something more erudite about all of this, but the mind boggles and words fail in the face of each day’s increasingly bizarre news…)

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4 Responses to Madness in the Funhouse

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  2. Elizabeth says:

    This may be your best blog post yet. It would be totally hilarious if it weren’t, you know….our current reality. Instead it’s that sort of funny that prompts both laughter and head shaking. Well done.

  3. Very cool blog post. I agree that I am glad August is over…there is relief in site! Hooray! I can come out of my air conditioned castle and back into the world to be a part of the grand circus.

    Best wishes!

  4. Katie Breslin says:

    More Madness?
    This is Unacceptable! Labeling this as a “preventable crime” is just another way to blame the victim.

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