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$100 Million Tantrum



I don’t know about you, but the thought of $100 million is almost incomprehensible.  When I hear big dollar figures like that, I try to figure out what that kind of money could buy.   $100 million would fund about five years of Trinity’s operating budget.   That kind of money would pay for BOTH the renovation of Main Hall AND our new academic center.  An endowment of $100 million would produce enough in annual scholarships to support about 170 full tuition-room-board scholarships.

Albert Haynesworth should be ashamed.  He should take some of that $100 million that Danny Snyder has agreed to pay him and establish scholarships here at Trinity for women who know how to work hard and live up to their responsibilities.

In case you’ve been distracted by Chelsea’s wedding (I wasn’t invited, either), Haynesworth is the Redskin player who has a contract worth $100 million.   He must have skipped math class in college (Tennessee, you need to do better!) or else he might understand the value of a dollar, let alone one hundred million of them.

But Haynesworth doesn’t seem to think it’s important to live up to the promise he made when he signed the contract.   He refused to participate in the early summer conditioning mini-camp, and now he’s shown up at the Redskings training camp completely out of shape and unable to complete running tests. A football player who thinks he’s too special to follow training and conditioning regimens will soon be an ex-football player.  But he’ll still be very, very rich in retirement.

In the last few years, it’s become fashionable for an assortment of reporters and legislators to huff and puff and decry various compensation arrangements for corporate CEOs and college presidents, in particular.   While a few of those are completely outrageous, agreed, I am mystified about the silence of the Charles Grassleys of the world on the topic of compensation for professional athletes.   Surely, if we’re going to right-size American life according to someone’s puritanical tastes, we should also include the $100 million packages that go to people whose main talent is tossing balls, tackling opponents, and occasionally stomping on their heads.

Kids:  don’t pay attention to Albert Haynesworth.  Do your homework.  Follow the rules.  Respect your teachers.  Show up for every single practice and play as hard as you can.  You may never make $100 million, but you will be able to sleep well at night knowing that you’ve always done your best.

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  1. Joseph says:

    Go Redskins! I don’t know about their chances but I like your post. Sports players compensations have always irked me too. I always think that it is also related to the fans of these sports who pay into (literally) and encourage this type of economic scheme. I’ve always felt it has something to do with our values and who we look up to for role models.

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