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Adirondack Chronicles XXXV


I was rumbling down from the mountains this morning when my Blackberry flashed with a message from Security Chief Doris Bey and the subject line “Earthquake” grabbed my attention. No damage on campus, thank goodness, from the mild tremors that shook the DC region this morning. But, oh my, what an auspicious message to end my Adirondack sojourn and begin my journey back to Washington! Dawn was just breaking over Long Lake as I packed the car and waved silent goodbye to my favorite little cabin in the woods, and gave thanks again to my friend Joe, the owner, who rents this little bit of heaven to many city-weary folks like me. A few weeks in the peace and quiet of the North Country does wonders. Beyond feeling rested and restored, I also have my collection of pictures to remind me of all the good things here through the long months ahead. chipmunk (Large) I’ll keep fond memories of the chipmunks (above) and many different kinds of woodpeckers (below)… downy woodpecker 1 (Large) woodpecker (Large) ….and of course, those elusive blue jays… blue jay (Large) The startled looks on the faces of fawns along the side of the road… fawns (Large) Or the turkeys crossing the road… (why do they do that?)…. turkeys (Large) Or that cute little fox… fox 3 (Large) Beautiful vistas of fields and flowers… golden field 1-1 (Large) wildflower (Large) pink flower with bee (Large) The art of checking email while kayaking… adk office (Large) People sometimes ask if I have a picture of me in the kayak…. well, here you are: self portrait (Large) Yes, mom, I am wearing a life jacket. (Mom: why are you doing anything that requires a life jacket?) Of course, I will remember the loons… LOON AND CHICKS BEST (Large) Back to reality…and Trinity! We have a big agenda ahead, and I’m ready to roll! Thanks to all readers who have enjoyed and commented on the Adirondack Chronicles…. I’m glad to know that these little stories and photos have given you some cheer.

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