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Adirondack Chronicles XXXII


Some gulls prefer trolling on a sandy beach.  Other gulls prefer sunning on a log on an Adirondack lake:

gulls (Large)

On a hot afternoon on Follensby Clear Pond, the ducks were not about to move from their lounge chairs even for a visitor, whom they simply eyed languidly…

duck 1 (Large)

duck 3 (Large)

Even the frogs were just laying around…

frog 1 (Large)

But this osprey, nesting on top of a tall pine tree, never wavered from her vigilant watch for predators who might steal the chicks in that nest:

osprey (Large)

Later in the evening, I watched the sun set over Blue Mountain Lake:

blue mountain lke sunset 2 (Large)

A beautiful end to a perfect day in the North Country!

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One Response to Adirondack Chronicles XXXII

  1. Jane DeCoursey says:

    Not a vuvuzela within earshot! What bliss! Enjoy.

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