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Race to the Top: Who Wins?

- runners Congratulations are in order for the District of Columbia in securing a place among the finalists for the “Race to the Top” grant competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education.   The fact that D.C. made it into the final…
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A Buncha Liberals

- One of the greatest educational threats to American society today is NOT that this nation is failing to produce enough mathematicians and computer scientists, though that is certainly an economic problem, nor is it the catastrophe of failing urban public…
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Adirondack Chronicles XXXV

- I was rumbling down from the mountains this morning when my Blackberry flashed with a message from Security Chief Doris Bey and the subject line “Earthquake” grabbed my attention. No damage on campus, thank goodness, from the mild tremors that…
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Adirondack Chronicles XXXIV

- bee on purple 2 (Large) Each year when I start out my vacation in the Adirondacks, I am still wearing my “city eyes” and “urban ears.”   I see all the deep greens and browns of the forest, but it’s a blur, and the lakes all…
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Adirondack Chronicles XXXII

- Some gulls prefer trolling on a sandy beach.  Other gulls prefer sunning on a log on an Adirondack lake: gulls (Large) On a hot afternoon on Follensby Clear Pond, the ducks were not about to move from their lounge chairs even for…
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Adirondack Chronicles XXXI

- green heron distant (Large) Developing good observational skills is essential for wildlife photography and general enjoyment of the back country.    Observing wildlife requires patience, the ability to recognize shapes and colors, and sometimes, a great deal of luck.   For example, when I first observed…
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Adirondack Chronicles XXX

- camera conference (Large) Trinity alumnae gathering for lunch at the Lake George Club… a sure sign that the height of summer has arrived!  We had a glorious time, as always, thanks to the graciousness of our hostess Barbara Rourke and wonderful leadership of…
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Adirondack Chronicles XXIX

- stony creek eagle (Large) What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with my bald eagle friends!  But this juvenile bald eagle (they’re brown mottled until about 5 years old when they develop that distinctive white head and black feathers) didn’t want…
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Adirondack Chronicles XXVIII — Loon Special!

- Forget about Dr. Spock and other parenting guides…. to see real attentive parenting in action, sit by the side of a lake and watch the loons with their chicks! loon family again (Large) Loon parents are hyper-focused on raising their young during the first…
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