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1965 FUN

Alumnae are coming!  Alumnae are coming!

The annual migration of Trinity graduates from all corners of the earth back to alma mater here on Michigan Avenue is underway.  Already, today, well before the official start of festivities tomorrow, early arrivals have stopped by to exclaim on all of the good news they found amost immediately upon entering Main Hall.

1960 COATS (Large)

Welcome, Alumnae!  Special welcome to the Classes of 1960 (50th Reunion) and 1985 (25th Reunion)!

1960 MAIN (Large)

I’ve been to almost every reunion since my junior year, 1973, when I was a student worker.  Wow.  That’s a lot of alumnae parties!  The fun never grows old — and neither do these great Trinity Women!  No matter the class year, when she sets foot on campus every single alumna becomes young again, revitalized through the wonderful gifts of friendship and memory, tradition and reunion.


Alumnae of each generation marvel at Trinity’s changes and express concern about the durability of our traditions.   One of the great parts of reunion is the way in which some of our current students stick around, just like I did when I was a student, to help out during the weekend.   Our student workers provide a great deal of support for all parts of reunion, but even more, they help alumnae of all generations connect to today’s Trinity Women.

1965 PARTY (Large)

1960 LAUGH

1945 BOOKS (Large)

The fun begins in earnest on Friday night with dinner in Social Hall, with highlights on Saturday at the luncheon, Mass and class parties.   I’m looking forward to welcoming all of the “aughts” and “fives” back to campus this weekend!

1960 ADMIN (Large)

1970 FUN (Large)

1970 CURLERS (Large)

1965 LINEUP (Large)

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