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Happy Reunion!


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Every year in early June, for one magical weekend groups of alumnae of Trinity come together to renew and refresh their friendships, their class ties, and their bonds with alma mater.  The years melt away and the memories seem like yesterday.  We never grow tired of telling the tales — or listening to them! — of Sister Columba’s watchful gaze or Sister Ann Francis inspecting dresses or Father Burke’s Theology lectures or the time a certain renegade class painted St. Patrick green.

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The classes ending in “zero” and “five” had their reunions this year, and by all accounts the women of 1940-45-50-55-60-65-70-75-80-85-90-95-00-05 are living up to the legends, traditions and ideals of Trinity with as much exuberance as their sister alums in other years.

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The Class of 1970 (ab0ve) was out in force, and enjoyed celebrating with their famous classmate Kathleen Sebelius, who is Secretary of Health and Human Services when she’s not busy being one of the gang with 1970.  She graciously joined the Classes of 2010-11-12-13 (see below), the student workers who spent the last several days doing myriad tasks to be sure the alumnae enjoyed the weekend.

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The Class of 1960, the 50th Reunion class, came out in force and from all appearances had a great time.  They also seem to be the youngest 50th reunion group yet (and that’s not just because I’m getting older!).

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Class of 1940 members Betty Floberg and Mary Mead (above) came out for their 70th Reunion!  Congratulations to them!  The classes of 1945-50-55 were also out in great number, and we enjoyed a terrific dinner in Social Hall on Saturday evening for these post-5oth alumnae.

Class of 2005 at Sunday brunch:

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What the well-dressed Trinity alumna wears to brunch:

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Talk, talk, talk… there’s never enough time to catch up!

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