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Guys Just Wanna Have Fun!



BP CEO Tony Hayward “got his life back” by watching his yacht race around the Isle of Wight on Saturday.  Or officially, “The J.P. Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race.” Not quite something to which I’d be taking my little kayak.

People are a bit peeved at Tony.   And it’s not just because he named his 52-foot yacht “Bob,” which must be some Brit thing.    But this is a guy who, day before, let Congressional interrogators know that they were annoying him by asking questions to which he did not know the answers, like why BP ignored warnings from the company’s own engineers about major problems at the Deepwater Horizon rig.   “Don’t know” and “wasn’t involved” became his mantra during the Hill grilling, which only further infuriated members of Congress.

So, rather than going home to hit the books to bone-up on risk management, or perhaps returning to the Gulf of Mexico at least to make a bigger show of concern for people whose livelihoods are ruined by BP’s negligence, Tony flew home to recover from those rude Yanks by hanging out with friends and, of course, the crew of “Bob.”

Good show!  Guys just wanna have fun, especially after those nasty political tongue-lashings.

Tony is also probably oh-so-happy to be back with his yacht club friends after having to hang out for, oh, maybe three hours with oystermen and shrimpers and dock hands and waitresses from the crab houses of Louisiana and all those “small people” devastated by the BP oil rig explosion.

Maybe Tony can find work as a deck hand over there.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden went golfing, which immediately prompted Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele to call on the president and vice president to “cease all leisure activities” until the oil spill is fixed.   Since “fixed” might mean a permanent cap on the well and complete clean-up of the Gulf of Mexico, that might be, oh, 2016 or later…..  Hmm.  I wonder if Chairman Steele really means that?   Did Steele ever consider that maybe Obama and Biden are just doing their bit to get more golf balls for BP’s next effort to plug the well?

And while wonks wonder whether guys with serious jobs can ever have a bit of fun ever again, the guy whose serious job is what others think of as fun is back prowling the leaderboard.   We’ve learned too much about what Tiger Woods does for fun,  and it’s not golf.   But a good show at the U.S. Open will be part of his recovery story.   Maybe he can contribute his used golf balls to the plug-the-leak effort?

Over in South Africa, the World Cup for soccer may be the greatest show on earth right now.  Maybe everybody should take a break from throwing darts to watch some serious athletes compete on the best international stage since the Olympics.


Coming soon!  Adirondack Chronicles return!

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2 Responses to Guys Just Wanna Have Fun!

  1. elissa kellett says:

    That “small people” comment rang in my head for days after I heard it on the radio. It told us what Tony Hayward was about before he went sailing.

  2. Juergen says:

    The world cup in south africa isn’t the greatest show on earth right now. Maybe they should take a break from kicking and watch some serious dart professionals in Las Vegas right now.

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