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Adirondack Chronicles XXVII

- Feathery winged things thrive in the deep forests and lush wetlands of the Adirondacks.  Summer is a brief season here — with nights in the 40’s and days barely making it to the 70’s sometimes, Washingtonians might wonder if “summer”…
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- Back to the Adirondacks!  Cool nights, cool days, lots of cool wildlife…. CHIPMUNK (Large) Chipmunks are already storing up goodies for the winter… BUTTERFLY (Large)Of course, the minute I saw purple and gold, I had to get this monarch butterfly! DUCK CHICKS 1 (Large) It’s chick season…
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Heat Relief

- alu hall Wishing for cooler days? crew (Large) Be careful what you wish for! plowing (Large) P1000928 pathway ramp SNOW F10 FRONT CAMPUS GLOW_edited-1 (Medium) NEXT:  ADIRONDACK CHRONICLES RETURN!
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Day of the Generals

- Obama McChrystal (AP Photo) The sight of men in suits bedecked with brass buttons, epaulets with stars, and chests festooned with military ribbons is always a bit startling for us civilians, even in this town where uniforms are part of…
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Mean Boys, Lost Men

- bw2 (photo credit) If you think that only high school “mean girls” claw and hiss and shred the reputations of other kids they deem uncool, you need to read the current issue of Rolling Stone to get the full…
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Guys Just Wanna Have Fun!

- Sail_boat BP CEO Tony Hayward “got his life back” by watching his yacht race around the Isle of Wight on Saturday.  Or officially, “The J.P. Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race.” Not quite something to which I’d be taking my…
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Sick Slick Politics

- “Shakedown.” I wasn’t the only one shaking my head in disbelief when the news broke around mid-day today that Texas Republican Congressman Joe Barton apologized to BP executives for President Obama’s demand that the oil company set aside a large…
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Afghanistan Inc.

- afcolor Forget the Gulf of Mexico.  Afghanistan is about to become the world’s latest staging ground for humanity’s insatiable desire to extract resources from the earth to support modern civilization.   Look out, Saudia Arabia!   Pentagon Papers now tell us that Afghanistan’s…
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A Whale of a Mess

- moby(Ahab and Moby Dick) A fascinating commentary in Sunday’s New York Times entitled “The Ahab Parallax” drew on the timeless metaphor of Melville’s Moby Dick to consider the insatiable human quest for oil as the essential fuel of…
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Icon Disgraced

- HelenThomas (photo credit, Cornell archives) Helen Thomas deserved a better end to her long and famous career.   But someone who has spent nearly 50 years as a White House journalist should have known better than to offer off-the-cuff incendiary,
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