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What's the Matter with Arizona?


arizonaThe ink from the governor’s pen wasn’t even dry yet on the Arizona immigration law when Governor Jan Brewer signed yet another edict banning ethnic studies from the state’s public schools.

What’s the matter with Arizona?  The state is fast becoming a haven for racial hatred and isolationist policies.   The Grand Canyon seems to have enveloped the entire state, separating it not only from the rest of the country but from reality, itself.

This latest law is an egregious state intrusion into educational curricula, imposing political dictates on legitimate learning objectives.   The new law prohibits classes that promote leaning about particular ethnic groups, such as Mexican-Americans — a course in the Tuscon school district apparently triggered the state attorney general’s ire, leading to this legislation.   The state Education Department has also sought to remove teachers who speak with “heavy accents,” whatever that may be in the judgment of the removing official.

Defenders of Arizona’s new law that allows police to stop people and demand that they produce proof of their legal status say that the state has a terrible problem with illegal immigration.   Based on this latest law prohibiting teaching about people of different ethnicities, I’d say that Arizona has a problem with racial diversity and a pluralistic society, period.

By 2050 the old white majority will no longer exist in the United States.  The fastest growing ethnic population, Hispanics, will grow to a significant plurality, and no single racial category will be more than 50%.   Except, perhaps, in Arizona, where current efforts appear to be an attempt to reverse the inevitable course of sociology.

What next? Dig the Grand Canyon deeper and fill it with crocodiles?

If Arizona wanted to be completely pure in its return to its idea of some mythical “real” America, it would also ban East Coast retirees who migrate to the southwest for good golf and dry air.   By the way, most of the folks in Scottsdale can also trace their family lineage to other countries.   I wonder if the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick are banned in Tuscon?

See Eugene Robinson on Arizona’s anti-Latino climate

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