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Thank goodness!  We can stop reading about single women working hard and achieving goals long enough to contemplate THE LIST once again!   THE LIST is that dubious roll call of two-timing-men (or, if you’re Tiger or Dave, maybe three-or-four-or-fifteen-timing men) who just can’t keep it all in check, if ya know what I mean.   Thank you, Congressman Mark Souder, for giving me yet another opportunity to recite THE LIST.   Souder, who resigned yesterday after admitting an affair with a part-time female staffer, has the particular distinction of having made a video with this young woman about abstinence.   Wow.  Given his self-control problems, it’s a wonder he didn’t guffaw through the whole thing!

So, here’s THE LIST as of today, May 19, 2010.   Don’t blink, it’s growing quickly each day!

Mark Souder (Republican, Indiana Congressman)

Ben Roethlisburger (NFL Quarterback)

Tiger Woods (remember him?)

David Letterman (Entertainer)

Rick Pitino (Basketball Coach)

Mark Sanford (Republican, South Carolina Governor)

John Ensign (Republican, Nevada Senator)

John Edwards (Democrat, former VEEP candidate, North Carolina Senator)

Eliot Spitzer (Democrat, New York Governor)

Larry Craig (Republican, Idaho Senator)

David Vitter (Republican, Louisiana Senator)

Rudy Giuliani (Republican, New York Mayor)

Kwame Kilpatrick (Democrat, Detroit Mayor)

Newt Gingrich (Republican, former Speaker of the House)

Bill Clinton (Democrat, former President of the United States)

Quite a club!  And we know from the “next chapter” stories of most of the list, Mark Souder can take heart — it won’t be long before he’s recruited to be a top television personality, maybe even on FOX News!  Maybe Eliot Spitzer can take him underwing on his new CNN gig.

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4 Responses to THE LIST

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  2. Daphney Georges says:

    Wow… I am greatly supprise to see that a lot of government people are in that list…

  3. Lorin Meeks-Harris says:

    I agree never point fingers! Since there is a list, Gary Hart was clearly forgotten. Presidential candidate in 1988 started the “Era of Public Politician Play Boys.” If former Senator Larry Craig is on the list please add Congressman Barney Frank. See finger pointing is never fun.

  4. Elizabeth Palmer '92 says:

    It’s the ones who spend all their time pointing fingers and railing against other people’s transgressions (real or imagined) right up until they are caught in the same net that are the most appalling. The hypocrisy is more even damning than the behavior.

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