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Commencement 2010 Festivities…


Baccalaureate Mass, more from luncheon and rehearsal…

bac 7 (Large)

bac 6 (Large)

bac 5 (Large)

bac 10 (Large)

bac 13 (Large)

bac 11 (Large)

reh 13 (Large)

reh 16 (Large)

reh 18 (Large)

reh 20 (Large)

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2 Responses to Commencement 2010 Festivities…

  1. mcguirep says:

    Dear Trinity Grad,

    I have also just replied to the same commentyou sent me on email. As the photos posted on this blog show, I go to great lengths to include as many students as possible in photos, as do our Trinity photographers. In addition to photos on our website and this blog, many photos of many students are also on Trinity’s Facebook page. We include everyone — next time you see one of us around with a camera, come right on over and ask for a photo! We always oblige…


  2. Trinity Grad says:

    I am a recent Trinity graduate from the College of Arts and Sciences who has been able to successfully land a job with a promising future and recently accepted to a graduate program to pursue my degree of study. While I graduated with honors and participated in number of honor societies throughout my Trinity tenure, I feel as though Trinity fails to highlight its students equitably. Like many of the students that I have read on the website, I too have participated in a number of events and programs that I feel deserve the same recognition, however, all I seem to read or see pictures of the same students. Whenever I read a post on the website, I think to myself, “am I not good enough to be featured?” It just leaves me feeling very disappointed.
    I write this to you with the upmost respect and just asking for some reassurance that Trinity does not only recognize what looks good with a Trinity logo.

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