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Oh, Never Mind! HUH???


Breaking news…. “Virginia Governor Declares April 2010 Confederate History Month” won our inaugural HUH??? contest by a landslide….

But it was all a mistake!   Well, sort of.   No, not the contest… and definitely not the original story!

But Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia admitted tonight that he forgot about slavery (HUH???@#$#!) when he issued the proclamation proclaiming April 2010 as Confederate History Month.  Hmm.  He forgot slavery.   Y’know, you can forget where you put the car keys.  You can forget to take out the trash.  You might even forget to put on matching socks in the morning.

But the Governor of Virginia forgot slavery.

What the Heck Was He Thinking?

He answers that question in his statement confessing to the ‘omission’ of any mention of slavery in the original proclamation.  This is what he was thinking: “The Confederate History Month proclamation issued was solely intended to promote the study of our history, encourage tourism in our state in advance of the 150th Anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War, and recognize Virginia’s unique role in the story of America.”

Whew.  Sure makes me feel better.


See:  Gail Collins, “A Confederacy of Dunces” in today’s New York Times

See:  Robert McCartney’s column in today’s Washington Post

What do you think?  Is Governor McDonnell truly sorry?  Is he still a viable candidate for the vice presidency? Tell us what you think by clicking on the “comments” link below…

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One Response to Oh, Never Mind! HUH???

  1. Susan says:

    McDonnell is not sorry.

    Governor McDonnell should have a fifth (5th) grader educate him about the beginnings of the Confederacy. One cannot issue a proclamation of Confederate history without first acknowledging the role slavery had in the birth of the Confederacy.

    McDonnell’s omission is perhaps a reflection of the racism that is still so prevalent in American society.

    I don’t believe he has hurt his chances as a vice-presidential candidate, but I’m sure has has lost my confidence in his ability to be just.

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