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Trinity Women Rule!


nancy and kathleen

Trinity Women had a great week last week.   By all accounts, a full century of this nation’s endless quest for health care reform finally came to legislative fruition thanks to the firm leadership and political astuteness of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Class of 1962) and the hard work and relentless advocacy of Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius (Class of 1970).  The above photo (Associated Press) of President Obama embracing these two powerful Trinity Women says it all — Nancy and Kathleen are at the pinnacle of this nation’s leadership today, and they deserve many thanks and congratulations for their accomplishments.

Washington Post Writer Vince Bzdek had a great column today about Speaker Pelosi’s forceful advocacy for the health care legislation.   Bzdek is also the author of a Pelosi biography, Woman of the House:  The Rise of Nancy Pelosi, which includes a number of passages about her Trinity years.

Slate columnist Alexandra Starr has an interesting column on women in legislatures around the world, see “More Nancy Pelosis, Please”

Secretary Sebelius now has large responsibility for the implementation of the new health care law.  She has a huge agenda ahead as she travels throughout the nation as part of a large effort to ensure that everyone understands the provisions of the new law.   Another Trinity alumna now working alongside Secretary Sebelius is Ellen Gloninger Murray (Class of 1970), assistant secretary of HHS for finances.


Meanwhile, even as so much attention has been focused on health care, another great Trinity leader Ambassador Susan Flood Burk (Class of 1976) has been working away at the State Department to prepare for the major United Nations conference on nuclear nonproliferation that will take place in May.  Here’s a great interview with Ambassador Burk in the “Arms Control Today” newsletter.


And, over at the Department of Labor, the #3 position is now held by Trinity Alumna (and my classmate!) M. Patricia Smith (Class of 1974) who was confirmed by the Senate earlier this month to be the Solicitor.

Congratulations to all Trinity Women who are in leadership positions for our nation!

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