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Masters of the Universe


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Of course Tiger Woods chose Augusta for his return to golf.

Women are not allowed at the august Augusta club.

No babes, no bimbos, no screaming spouses wielding 9-irons.

golf female-golfing

Why, if you can believe what you read, Augusta is stricter than a monastery about enforcing the rules of silence and prohibiting the opposite sex from sullying the sacred space of the male species.

Maybe it’s just as well that the women can’t see the men all a-Twitter about Tiger’s return.   Might make women wonder about the guys…

Or not.

Guys have been so bummed that golf was boring again without the big T.   And boring means losing money.  A great deal of it.

Guys are giddy because Tiger’s Return will mean GAZILLIONS of dollars for ESPN and CBS — and you can jolly well bet that the sponsors are falling over themselves to get 15-30-60 seconds of airtime during the Master’s tournament.  Bookies are delirious right now.  This is HUGE for the sports betting world.

All is forgiven in guyland.  It was just cocktail waitresses, right?  Really…!!

March is Women’s History Month.  Let’s pause to acknowledge that even after all these years, we haven’t come such a long way, baby.    The Masters of the Universe have spoken; the Masters must go on.


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One Response to Masters of the Universe

  1. Mason Davenport says:

    Tiger Woods should be the least of our worries.

    Yes, women’s rights should be a concern, but so should the lack of access that so many people have to golf and other “luxury” sports at Augusta National Golf Club and every other country club, or rink, or ring, or pool in the country. The cost of greens fees, equipment, and lessons makes golf a sport of out reach for me, personally, much less the masses.

    Yes, the greed, if you will, of the other players, sponsors, and the media should be a concern, but so should the way that we have given those 15-30-60 seconds of advertising the ability to completely shape our communal consciousness.

    Furthermore, while this kind of unchecked capitalistic power should be a concern in sports advertising, what about advertising in regards to the multitude of other things that affect our daily lives? Take for instance our food and the way in which our food gets to our table.

    We let Jim Perdue tell us all about his chickens and show us quaint little images of normal, healthy looking chickens who have names and personalities, but we fail to (let ourselves) see the ecological damage that is done to the Delmarva region (and many other regions in the nation) because of the factory farming of these animals. Hundreds of thousands of chickens which, by the way, do not look normal and healthy at all and certainly don’t have names.

    While I can agree there are many things still wrong in the world of sports and plenty of things wrong with scandals like this in general, the real problem with all of this Tiger Woods mess is the misdirection and sick pleasure of the general public. To focus on it is to admit that we really don’t care about what is actually going on in the world (or our city, or our backyard for that matter).

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