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Happy Birthday, Nancy!


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  1. Linda Lawson says:

    Madam Speaker,


    Congratulations and kudos for a stellar performance this year.

    With wishes for a very happy birthday,


  2. Joanne P Hayden '84 says:

    (Trinity Birthday song!-hand toward Nany P.)-‘Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday Birthday! Happy Birthday (clap/switch!) NANCY PELOSI!–Happy Birthday…’ Wonderful memories!! We’re so proud of you!!

  3. Elizabeth Palmer '92 says:

    Happy birthday Speaker Pelosi, and many, many thanks for your tremendous leadership in getting health care reform passed. You bring great honor to alma mater, and are a wonderful role model for our students.

  4. Maribeth Flynn says:

    Happy Birthday, Madame Speaker. I am so proud and gratified to be a Trinity grad with you as one of my Trinity sisters. Thank you too for your unwavering support of health care reform.

  5. Pat Flanagan Goddard says:

    Congratulations on a life well-lived.
    Thanks for using your personal skills to move the country forward in such constructive ways, large and small.
    And this tribute is from a Regis (Weston, MA) grad (’53) who is so proud of your displaying the great lasting multiple depths of a Catholic women’s liberal arts college education.
    Best wishes for the future.

  6. Ann says:

    Happy birthday Speaker Pelosi. Your leadership of health care legislation was simply awesome! You are an exemplary leader and Trinity woman! I am so very proud!

  7. Adrianne says:

    Happy Birthday Speaker Pelosi – I admire we finally have a woman in the House who holds a powerful position!

    Your leadership is so appreciative. Enjoy your day and may GOD be with you always!

  8. Catherine Connolly says:

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for everything you have done. I am so very proud to be a Democrat!

    Catherine Connolly
    Class of 1999

  9. Paige says:

    Yes, indeed I second that! As a woman I am so proud of the Speaker. She has endured insults and disrepect because she is a woman. It was wonderful to see her walk side by side last weekend with Congressman John Lewis, who also endured terrible trials as a black man all in the name of equality and civil rights. They are ushering in a new era of civil rights where everyone has a right to healthcare, regardless of race, economic class, or gender. Yes, they are the champions of all Americans and they deserve or praise and respect for their moral courage!

  10. Timothy says:

    Happy birthday Speaker Pelosi – you have so much to celebrate today! Your incredible, successful efforts to pass health care reform are inspiring. I hope that this triumph will galvanize your fellow democrats to quickly and confidently follow your lead on other pressing issues.

    Please know that you are a role model for young (and not-so-young) women and men alike. There are literally generations of Americans who aspire to make the kind of positive changes for our society that you have so boldly accomplished. You have demonstrated how to stay true to your convictions and press forward in the face of incredible adversity and unabashed vituperation.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I hope that you can take a few moments today to set aside that enormous gavel, take a few deep breaths, spend time with your grandchildren, and consider the magnitude of your achievements on their behalf. YOU DID IT!

  11. Jessica Smith says:

    Happy Birthday Madame Speaker! Thanks for all the hard work that you do! I was in the gallery of the House of Representatives to witness your speech, and you truly are an inspiration.

    Happy Birthday!

  12. Katie Breslin says:

    Happy Birthday Speaker Pelosi! It is an honor to share the same school with a woman who has accomplished so much! Thank you for everything you have done to pave the way for Women in office. Through your influence, I hope someday to follow in your footsteps!

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