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- last supper 2 Two sacred religious seasons come together this week — Passover and Easter.  Both traditions compel believers to spend hours in prayer and reflection on the human condition, the possibility of the divine, the price of evil, the hope for resurrection,…
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Trinity Women Rule!

- nancy and kathleen Trinity Women had a great week last week.   By all accounts, a full century of this nation’s endless quest for health care reform finally came to legislative fruition thanks to the firm leadership and political astuteness of Speaker of the…
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Happy Birthday, Nancy!

- …
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Demonizing Powerful Women

- Disclaimer at the outset:  this is not a political commentary, although it is a commentary that touches on politics.  But it’s really a commentary about sociology, psychology, and the mentality of third grade boys. When I was in the third…
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The Other Agenda Items

- And now, back to the rest of the agenda… I’m writing this before we know the final outcome of the House health care vote today (Sunday) but the news reports as of 4 pm indicate the bill will pass.…
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Masters of the Universe

- golf tigger images Of course Tiger Woods chose Augusta for his return to golf.…
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The Politics of Pell Grants

- My email alerts for federal student financial aid have been bouncing all over the place recently announcing either the worst catastrophe ever to befall student aid or the most promising future yet for Pell Grants.   The federal student loan program…
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Coast to Coast

- This time last week I was watching the sun rise over Ft. Lauderdale and pelicans fishing along the intracoastal waterway in Florida.  This morning I woke to a steel gray fog clinging to the San Francisco Bay, but by nightfall…
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Who Controls Education?

- At the heart of the debates that continue to rage over improving the nation’s schools is a fundamental question:  who controls education?  Superintendents?  Governors?  The U.S. Department of Education?  An article in the  New York Times Magazine (“Building Better Teachers”…
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Shoeless and Suspect

- markstein For the second time in a week I’ve had the lovely experience of the full body scan at Reagan National Airport.  Shoeless feet on the yellow, then on the green, arms up, arms out, do the hokie pokie and turn…
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