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Hooray for Heroes!



Trinity resident students spent part of this snowy day writing Thank You cards and posters for all of the staff who stayed on campus overnight this weekend to prepare meals, shovel walkways and provide security during the Blizzard of 2010.   Kaitlyn Breslin and friends organized this effort and Kaitlyn sent along these photos….


We share the sentiments expressed by our students… THANK YOU to our colleagues in Food Service, Facilities and Public Safety for giving up your own personal comforts in order to stay overnight on campus to be sure that essential services continued uninterrupted during the storm.  You are real heroes for Trinity!


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  1. cathy marsyada says:

    Its wonderful to know that your loved one is attending a great university like Trinity and they are safe and sound, thanks to their ..HEROS.. on campus.Keep up the good work and please be safe and sound…Cathy

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