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Blogging the Blizzard


11:00 am:  Whiteout conditions continue, the wind is awesome!  Here’s a view looking to Cuvilly from the 4th floor of Main:


Notre Dame Chapel looks pretty in the snow:

chapel (Large)

Our hard-working crews keep going even in the blizzard conditions:

crew (Large)

He’s out front of Alumnae Hall trying to keep the walkway open so resident students can get to the dining hall:

alumnae (Large)

Seymour Court is lonely…

seymour ct (Large)

Here’s a view along the top of O’Connor…

oconnor (Large)

Earlier on Wednesday:


5:30 am:  I woke up in Main Hall this morning, having stayed overnight because of the dire forecast.  I looked outside and there were our Trinity crews already plowing and shoveling, but the snow didn’t look so bad.  I went to my office and made coffee.


6:30 am:  The TV news folks say it’s getting worse.  I don’t see it yet.

8:30 am:  Total whiteout.  The blizzard is here!  I went over to the dining hall earlier and there were our hard-working crews just finishing breakfast and heading back out into this storm.  I tried to encourage them to stay indoors for a while but they want to keep on top of this mess.

9:30 am:  Here’s what it looks like out in Seymour Court:

seymour 1

court 2

and here’s the view to the faculty parking lot:


I guess we made a good call staying closed today.  Sure hate to miss all this school.

Check back later I will post throughout the day…

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