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plowing (Large)

5:30 PM:  The winds are howling outside still, but even before the snow stopped blowing sideways our intrepid crews were out on the driveways continuing the Sisyphean task of removing snow.

brown truck (Large)

One part of our facilities team is quite a bit older but equally as dedicated as our staff — that would be our Big Brown Dump Truck that is so old I believe it was in Harry Truman’s inaugural parade.  Well, maybe.

andres (Large)

Andres Marin is one of our top team leaders, having a great time driving Big Brown.

joe (Large)

Meanwhile, over on Faculty Row, Math Instructor Joe Sheridan has been hard at work all week.  He has walked to campus every day from his home in Brookland.  Talk about dedication!  His students know that he is a great teacher — despite the blizzard, most of his students have been working hard on their math lessons thanks to Moodle and Mr. Sheridan!

Joe is one of numerous faculty who have taken full advantage of Moodle to keep the teaching and learning enterprise going.   Dr. Lori Estes was featured on the blog of Dan de Vise, the Washington Post’s higher ed reporter. Many other faculty are doing similarly outstanding work with their students online.   There’s no need for “snow days” to be empty days thanks to Moodle!

Here are a few other views of the campus late this afternoon:

fac lounge (Large)

back campus (Large)

Know what this is….?

fountain (Large)

ourtyard (Large)

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  1. Blog Builder says:

    I have lived in Buffalo,N.Y. all my life and have listened to all the jokes about how much snow we get.
    In the fullness of the Christian spirit I can say HA HA!! Payback is great!!
    Don’t worry it will melt!

  2. Joe Jordan says:

    I went to Catholic University of America in the summers of 1962-63-64 and would never of dreamed this area looking like it does with all the snow.

    Great to see a picture of my old buddy Joe Sheridan and read the nice comments about him. Yes, he is an excellent mathematics instructor.

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