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Is this like going to college in New England?

5 pm:  Done.  Over.  We are all ready to say goodbye to this hyperactive winter.  We should all spend the weekend shopping (maybe online) for suntan lotion and flipflops.  Anything to send a signal that we will not be kept indoors much longer!  Here’s a summer party spot just waiting for something to happen:

party waiting to happen (Small)

As if on cue, this cardinal started singing outside of the Trinity Center:

cardinal (Large)

Here’s  St. Joseph thinking he’s been transported to the Alps:

stjoe (Medium)

Oh, my, this IS a lot of snow!

stjoe 2 (Small)

Shout out for Ebert still hard at work late in the day:

ebert (Small)


snow 2 (Small)

(Try to guess the location of that shot above…)

steps (Small)

And as the sun sets over Main Hall once more, we are all happy to say, “Spring is One Month Away!”

Remember these days when August heat is upon us….

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