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Olympic Dreams

February 20, 2010 - Snowboard In my next life, I will be a snowboarder…. I will hurl myself down icy chutes, launching toward the heavens while doing a halfMcTwistlattecorkscrew900halfpipe.  Or something like that.  I will wear baggy clothes and a cool helmet and throw Continue reading
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Dorothy Stang's Witness to Justice

February 14, 2010 - brenna (Large) Brenna Daugherty, Trinity 2013, grand niece of Sister Dorothy Stang, SND at the February 13, 2010 symposium marking the 5th anniversary of Sister Dorothy’s death She knew she would be killed.   Listening to author Binka le Breton retell the story … Continue reading
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Remembering Sister Dorothy Stang, SND

February 13, 2010 - Dot Stang Presente copy Five years!  Hard to believe that five years have come and gone since the terrible news of the murder of Sister Dorothy Stang, SND, emerged from the Amazon rainforest.    She was assassinated because of her courageous stance against the powerful… Continue reading
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February 12, 2010 - Trinity will resume classes on Saturday — HOORAY! — and even today, many offices are open as our administrative team gets back to business. Among many important items on today’s agenda — REFUND CHECKS! These are disbursements that students need,… Continue reading
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February 11, 2010 - students Is this like going to college in New England? 5 pm:  Done.  Over.  We are all ready to say goodbye to this hyperactive winter.  We should all spend the weekend shopping (maybe online) for suntan lotion and flipflops.  Anything to… Continue reading
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February 11, 2010 - sunshine (Large) 7:00 am:  The sun smacked me right between the eyes, waking me up from a very deep sleep in my “home away from home” in Main 401.  Sunshine!  What a welcome sight after yesterday’s terrible storm.  The wind is still… Continue reading
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February 10, 2010 - plowing (Large) 5:30 PM:  The winds are howling outside still, but even before the snow stopped blowing sideways our intrepid crews were out on the driveways continuing the Sisyphean task of removing snow. brown truck (Large) One part of our facilities team is quite a… Continue reading
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February 10, 2010 - students 1 1 pm:  At the dining hall:  students in reasonably good cheer considering that they’ve been snowed-in pretty much since last Friday… students 2 stu 2 student student 2 Loyal and dedicated food service staff have helped to keep everyone’s spirits up! food staff bobgarybonnie Continue reading
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Blogging the Blizzard

February 10, 2010 - 11:00 am:  Whiteout conditions continue, the wind is awesome!  Here’s a view looking to Cuvilly from the 4th floor of Main: cuvilly Notre Dame Chapel looks pretty in the snow: chapel (Large) Our hard-working crews keep going even in the blizzard conditions: crew (Large) He’s… Continue reading
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Lonely Hearts at UNC

February 7, 2010 - Pity the poor women of the University of North Carolina squeezed into a booth in a gritty Chapel Hill bar waiting for “Mr. Right” to pass by.   Bless their hearts, they really do seem desperate …. see the article in … Continue reading
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