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Helping Haiti Today and Beyond



Indescribable scenes continue to emerge from the devastation of Haiti following the earthquake last week.   Numerous Trinity students and staff have family members in Haiti, and our hearts go out to all during this period of grief, uncertainty, and desperate need to get rescue services to the afflicted as swiftly as possible.

On Wednesday of this week, January 20, at 12:10 in the Sisters’ Chapel on the second floor of Main Hall, the Sisters of Notre Dame will have a Mass for the Haiti victims and families. The SNDs are also taking a collection for Haiti relief, and they will send all donations to  Catholic Relief Services, one of the major organizations providing direct support for Haiti right now.  If you would like to contribute, you may give cash or a check made out to the “Sisters of Notre Dame” and the SNDs will consolidate all gifts into a gift from Trinity to the Haiti Relief effort at Catholic Relief Services.   If you can’t make the Mass but wish to contribute, you may drop your gift off at my office and I will transmit it to the SNDs.  You may also contribute online to Catholic Relief Services by clicking on this link and following the online donation directions.

Many people have suggested that Trinity might have a clothing drive or collect food to send to Haiti.  All indications right now are that we should hold-off on collecting goods because it’s so hard to get them into the country.   Money is the best contribution at present.

Trinity faculty member Dr. Robert Maguire is a well regarded expert on Haiti, and he has worked directly with former president Bill Clinton who is the special U.S. Envoy to Haiti.  Dr. Maguire has had numerous media interviews in the last few days, including on Chicago NPR and in the New York Times.  Dr. Maguire recently completed a sabbatical at the U.S. Institute of Peace where he was the Jennings Randolph Senior Fellow and author of major papers on Haiti available on his website at the USIP.

In the weeks ahead, I will be providing much more on the Haiti situation and its impact on the Trinity family on this blog and via email messages to our community.  Please send me any information you wish to share, or just information you would like me to know so that we can be of greatest help to our friends, colleagues and neighbors in need.  Click on the link below to send a comment, or email me at

Relief organizations links:

American Red Cross

Doctors Without Borders

Catholic Relief Services

Yele Haiti

Embassy of Haiti

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