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Haiti's Hope Amid the Rubble



(Photo of tent city in Haiti from

Trinity Professor Robert Maguire has given a number of interviews about Haiti and what is likely to happen next as the nation rebuilds after the earthquake.   Through this interview series he is providing all of us with an eloquent and expansive lesson on the history, politics and economics of Haiti.   Even as he astutely analyzes the many causes of Haiti’s crises, he offers hope for the future as the nation rebuilds from its current devastation.

Dr. Maguire has been interviewed by dozens of media organizations across the country and around the world in the past 10 days, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, US News & World Report, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Dan Rather on HDNet, Voice of America, NPR, PBS, BBC World Service and BBC Television, Los Angeles Times, Agence France Press, RCN Radio of Colombia (South America), and the Denmark Independent Daily.

I invite readers of this blog to click on these links to read his comments directly and use his expertise to learn more about this troubled spot on our small planet:

Professor Maguire’s interview with Time Magazine on “The Keys to Rebuilding Haiti”

Other interviews:

WHYY Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane in Philadelphia (broadcast nationally on NPR)

National Public Radio Story on January 21, 2010

Foreign Policy Magazine January 21, 2010

Diane Rehm Show WAMU January 19

US News & World Report, January 19

MSNBC January 15, 2010

Chicago Public Radio January 14, 2010

PBS News Hour January 13

Dr. Maguire’s September 2009 Report on Haiti for the U.S. Institute of Peace

New York Times January 14, 2010

Dr. Maguire’s profile on the U.S. Institute of Peace Website

Governments and organizations are drawing on Dr. Maguire’s more than 30 years of expertise in working to improve the economic stability and growth of Haiti.  He participated in a special meeting at the White House today, and, earlier this week, he was a keynote speaker at a forum, Haiti After the Earthquake, convened by the Inter-American Dialogue and the U.S. Institute of Peace, where he chairs the Haiti Working Group. This past weekend, he traveled to Florida to participate in meetings to meetings to coordinate State of Florida and Floridian Haitian-American humanitarian efforts in Haiti.


We hear that there’s a free concert for Haiti at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage tomorrow night (Friday)… waiting for details, check back on this blog and Facebook for more….

See my Washington Post blog “On Success” where our panel is discussing Wyclef Jean’s foundation Yele Haiti

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  1. adelgazar says:

    This saddens me greatly, I really feel for these people and wish there was more we could do for them.

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