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Tiger in the Woodshed



People are right to be worried about the state of traditional marriage.  Consider:

Tiger Woods

David Letterman

Bill Clinton

Mark Sanford

Eliott Spitzer

Larry Craig

James McGreevey

Rick Pitino

John Edwards

Newt Gingrich

My fingers are tired from typing, I’ll stop there.   Yep, people have very good reason to be afraid about the state of marriage in this country, considering how well various powerful leaders and media icons treat the institution.

How many times do we have to hear, “I have let down my family.”  Let down a few other things, too…

Guys, listen up:  when you say, “I do,” it also means you gotta learn to say, “I don’t.”  Practice that every day.  Just say… NO.

How long will Tiger be in the woodshed?  Will he lose sponsors?  Will he win another major tournament ever?  Comments?   Click the link below.

Read:  Michael Wilbon on Tiger Woods

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