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Snow Good


snow 2a

My neighbors were stunned.   They all came out to stare.  It was 2 pm, and my car had obviously not left the driveway all day.  (See above)  The nice young man who lives next door thought I might be ill, so he kindly did the first shoveling of my walkway.  By the time I emerged from my cave (below) in mid-afternoon, the driving snow had covered his first good effort, but I was so touched by his kindness that I “shoveled” the new inch that had covered his walkway (he took 15 inches off mine!)  My other neighbor, relieved to see that I was alive, donned cross country skis and took off down the street while a family on a dogsled (pulled by the Dad, with the Dog and kids on the seat) mushed down the street.

snow 1a

Something about a huge snowstorm is so human it touches us all — we stop worrying about all that stuff we usually stress about, and instead, we focus on digging out, helping neighbors, and having fun.  Yes, it’s rare for me to spend an entire day in my house… and my very nice neighbors definitely noticed!  Thanks to them for being so tolerant of my frequent absences, and for taking care of my property when I’m ” on the road” for Trinity!

Meanwhile, Trinity’s hard working crews in Facilities and Security braved the blizzard to get to our campus to begin snow clearing and to keep our campus safe.  When all of us, even me, were bunkered in our homes with hot coffee and cinnamon toast, they were managing to find some way to get to work in impossible conditions, and then they went to work shoveling and plowing and trying like mad to keep ahead of the cold stuff.

I am so grateful to each member of Trinity’s staff who did their jobs so well today!  Thank you!  Because I knew that you were keeping our campus in good shape, I had the luxury of surprising my neighbors.

Snow days!  We could use more of them, without the shoveling part.

PS —  so what was I doing all day indoors?  Bagging tons of stuff for Goodwill!  My year-end housekeeping always includes donations of “gently used” items for one of my favorite charities (I sit on the board of DC Goodwill).  Do it!  You can take donations to the South Dakota Avenue Goodwill or one in your neighborhood — it’s a great way to help a terrific nonprofit organization while getting a tax deduction that you’ll appreciate come April 15!

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