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A Season of Gratitude



Americans are funny creatures.  We have this day that’s about gratitude.  So, we hop in our cars and drive for hours, fret about stuffing and yams, eat too much, watch football, worry about Uncle Joe’s increasingly strange behavior, avoid fights with brothers just this once, and get ready to go shopping on Friday.   We get as stressed-out as possible to Give Thanks.  Hmm.  Weird.  But tradition!!

This year, the American mood is very cranky, so Thanksgiving is likely to be even less about thanks and more about stress.  To keep the turkey on the table and not thrown at someone, here are some things you SHOULD NOT bring up for table conversation at dinner on Friday:  (I’m not taking sides, I’m just sayin’ these issues are TOO HOT for Thanksgiving dinner!!)

1.  Health Care Reform

2.  Adam Lambert’s performance

3. The Redskins

4.  Sarah Palin’s New Book

5.  Patrick Kennedy’s fight with his bishop


Seriously, friends, keeping the peace in the house, at least through dinner,  is probably the best way we can ensure a real season of gratitude!

Counting our blessings, here are some GOOD THINGS TO DISCUSS while heaping up those spuds…

1.  Trinity is thriving — great students and faculty, hard-working staff loyal alums — in times of stress, being part of this great community is surely one of the blessings for which we are grateful!

2.  Trinity has great benefactors — let’s give thanks to all of our alums and friends who support our students!

3.  How will we help others this season — instead of focusing on what makes us unhappy, let’s focus on making others happy, or relieved, or comforted in some way…

4.  The Holidays are coming — the big ones! — and maybe this year we can de-emphasize buying stuff  and focus on enjoying some rest and fun without worrying about piling-up bills… (ok, so maybe this one causes stress…!)

5.  A New Year will come!  The good thing about the calendar is that it’s inevitable, and the idea of the new year brings fresh thinking… and new hope!   Let’s start making resolutions for good right now!

A very Happy Thanksgiving to All!


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