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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Scary Things

- pumpkin ANIpumpkinToonGlow3C Maybe it’s just because Halloween is tomorrow, but the news has been full of scary things this week.  And I’m not even counting the Redskins.  As if you needed more reasons to hoard your Hershey’s Kisses from the trick or…
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Remembering Sue Ann Shay, SND, '58

- sue an shay Occasionally on life’s journey, we are fortunate to cross paths with someone so extraordinary that we find ourselves walking along the way with her, heedless of direction but feeling that, somehow, we must be heading to the right place.  Before…
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Recruiting for Life

- meehan“…history is largely about how people with power stomp all over those who don’t have it…” Mary Meehan, Class of 1963, blows past the screechy stereotypes too often associated with Pro-Life advocates in the contemporary political climate.   An ardent anti-war…
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Another Shard from the Glass Ceiling

- ostrom_hand_photo(Photo from Indiana University) Lost in the hubub over President Obama’s achievement of the Nobel Peace Prize was another extraordinary — and, for some, controversial — Nobel Prize winner.   Dr. Elinor Ostrom of Arizona State University and Indiana University became…
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The Simpler Life

- blw snset (Small) In  a week in which David Letterman was defended as some kind of charming rogue for committing serial sexual harassment of his female co-workers, while the President of the United States was denounced in many circles for winning the Nobel…
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- David Letterman is a victim. Huh? Roman Polanski is a victim. Huh?…
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