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The Great Migration


UHAUL 2 (Medium)

All weekend, the conga line of U-Haul trailers and SUVs fully loaded with more stuff than anyone can imagine snaked down Cuvilly Drive in the glorious rite of passage known as move-in days for new resident students at Trinity.   The centuries-old ritual of moving away from home into the college dorm signifies one of life’s most transformative moments — for students AND their parents.   Moms carrying lacrosse sticks into Cuvilly and dads pushing carts overflowing with their daughter’s possessions ranged from teary-eyed to giddy with delight, sometimes all at once — parents happy for their daughters, and also realizing that their lives, too, are changing.

LAX (Medium)

For most freshmen, move-in day truly marks the beginning of a new life of independence from parents, the joy of expansive freedom along with the burden of new responsibilities.   For some, just learning how to do the laundry will be an acquired skill, while, for others, learning to get along with so many people of different habits and customs will be a challenge.  For most, the experience will be a time of growth, new friendships and unmentionable goofball episodes that could never occur anywhere else but on the floors of Cuvilly Hall.   Not all parts of childhood are left behind….

TIGGER (Medium)

Somewhere amid that noisy jumble of TVs and computers and stuffed animals and comforters and clothes and books is a Trinity Women who, someday, will be a corporate CEO or Congresswoman or nonprofit leader or school principal or college president or famous author or community activist or ambassador or financier or journalist or teacher.   For every great Trinity success story, there once was a day just like this, the rite of passage that comes with joining the Trinity community.

MOVEIN 5 (Medium)

This week, Trinity welcomes the Blue Class of 2013 — for our women’s college, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences, this is the largest group of new students since the Class of 1969!   That’s right, it’s been 40 years since Trinity has welcomed more than 300 new students to the women’s college, quite a feat in today’s higher education environment, and a great accomplishment for the members of Trinity’s Admissions Team as well as for our faculty and staff.   The “official count” will not come for several weeks, but the numbers are very impressive.

frosh (Medium)

We are also welcoming great groups of new students in the School of Professional Studies and School of Education — so many women and men eager to complete first degrees or to advance professionally with graduate degrees.  For these students, too, enrollment in the Trinity family is a transformative moment, part of the great migration in higher learning and intellectual achievement.

SPS 10 (Medium)

Welcome to all new students!

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