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Adirondack Chronicles, Part XX

- loon-call-small.jpg Loons are true creatures of the wilderness, inhabiting back country lakes, hiding in coves, diving underwater when potential threat loom on the shoreline, like a photographer or humans in general.   Loons are beautiful, regal in bearing, with that mysterious red…
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Adirondack Chronicles, Part XIX

- Ferocious thunderstorms are a hallmark of Adirondack summers, and this summer the rain and thunder have been amazing… keeping the nights cold, days cool, and breeze on the lakes (makes it hard to kayak, but otherwise it’s a delight)……
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Adirondack Chronicles, Part XVIII

- I’m on a conference call with one of the boards I sit on so I’m working out of my Tupper Lake office today…  what’s that, you say, the president has an office in Tupper Lake??  What’s going on here??  Calm…
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