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Adirondack Chronicles, Part XXV


Sitting in rush hour traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike late on a Friday afternoon makes me miss the Adirondacks already!  The journey home is inevitable, but wonderful memories (and photos!) will keep me eager to return to the north woods.  Some of my favorite memories of this year’s sojourn to the Adirondacks include:

The remarkably colorful forest fungi sprouting on trees after the intense rains…


The tweets of real birds, vibrant in many colors, especially sounding as natural alarm clocks as their songs start with the first light of dawn outside my window…


The Adironack Kitsch, a style so unique to this place, probably the result of long winters with few outsiders except for a few weeks in the summer!  Where else can you find two white horses prancing on top of the combo laundromat/donutshop/indian arts and crafts place?…


The view of the lake from my bedroom window, mists rising, paddlers silently gliding north toward the mountains, a distant call of a loon, the complete silence of the forest unlike any experience possible in the city, the peaceful solitude of spending time accompanied by nothing so much as trees and water and a few ducks…


Grateful for the time I’ve had to enjoy this beautiful place, I return to Trinity refreshed and eager for our new year to begin.   And I’ll work happily with the thought tucked away that I already have my reservation made to return to Long Lake next year!

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