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Adirondack Chronicles, Part XXIV


Even in a two-week period, the cycle of nature is clear.   The common merganser so anxiously watching her chicks on this rock two weeks ago now stands alone, the chicks having grown up enough to go rock-hopping elswhere…


Loons are a bit friendlier, less skittish about humans, no longer concerned about protecting their wee ones from predators…


The long rainy season here in the Adirondacks already seems like a harbinger of the fall, though summer has just begun.   Summer is a short season here anyway, with just a few warm weeks punctuating the more typical frosty seasons before and after.

Ducks whose chicks are not quite grown are hurrying them along, mindful that winter is not all that far away.


The magnificent sunsets after rainy days seem like a declaration by summer that she’s still lurking…


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