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Adirondack Chronicles, Part XXII



The rains stopped long enough up here in the north country to give me one good day of paddling on the Cedar River Flow, and then off the next day to a lovely luncheon with our Trinity alumnae (see photo above) gathered at Lake George.   Thanks to our gracious hostess Barbara Rourke and the organizing efforts of Alumnae Board member Ginger Ryan we had our customary delightful good time on the deck overlooking the many different boats on Lake George.


This alumnae group is famous for covering a wide range of topics, opinions unlimited.  A topic that sparked particularly fervent discussion this year was an article in the New York Times recently about an investigation the Vatican has launched into the activities of American nuns.   Safe to say that our group wants to know more about this situation, and fervently hopes (with much skepticism) that the Vatican’s goal will be to find ways to provide more support and encouragement for the good work that religious women are doing, as well as for their acute retirement needs.   This discussion triggered many fond recollections of the selfless work of the Sisters of Notre Dame and other women religious who influenced the lives of our alumnae over the decades.


After lunch I drove north along Lake George and then onto Lake Champlain (above, looking across Lake Champlain toward the Green Mountains of Vermont), ending my day at a beautiful place known as the AuSable marsh, the place where the AuSable River empties into Lake Champlain.  Though it was raining (again) and so I didn’t get to paddle around the marsh, I did get some fleeting glimpses of the abundant wildlife in the marsh.

Here’s a great blue heron passing by:


And, if you look closely, you’ll see a muskrat chewing on swamp grass here:  (kinda makes me glad I wasn’t in my kayak!)…


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