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Adirondack Chronicles, Part XX



Loons are true creatures of the wilderness, inhabiting back country lakes, hiding in coves, diving underwater when potential threat loom on the shoreline, like a photographer or humans in general.   Loons are beautiful, regal in bearing, with that mysterious red cast to their eyes and haunting mating cry.


The wonders of modern photography technology… increasingly long lenses available for amateurs like me… make it possible to capture wildlife like loons from a considerable distance… these loons were playing on Bear Pond in the heart of the Whitney Wilderness tract…


The loon above was stretching her wings while the one below was shaking off droplets after diving underwater…


Read more about loons here.

While watching the loons I spotted another wetlands inhabitant, the elusive Belted Kingfisher that perches on branches near water and then darts about catching fish… this bird is fast and does not hang around for portraits…


Not a second later the bird took off across the lake and I turned back to loon watching…


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