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Adirondack Chronicles, Part XVIII


I’m on a conference call with one of the boards I sit on so I’m working out of my Tupper Lake office today…  what’s that, you say, the president has an office in Tupper Lake??  What’s going on here??  Calm down, folks, here’s my office:

office-small.jpgPretty grand.   Lakeview, air conditioned all the time, plenty of sunshine, beautiful sunsets, the most stress-less office I’ve ever had!

Lots of wildlife activity up here… just this morning I saw a fox, racoon, blue heron, turtles, dragonflies, ducks galore…

The wild turkeys are busy producing the next Thanksgiving dinners:


Maybe we’ll go vegan next year…

Dragonflies and damselflies are all over the place…


And the bullfrogs make happy music every night at sunset…


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