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Soaps and Suds

- today_thumbnailPeople in Boston have already moved on.   The latest drama screaming across the front page of the Boston Globe is the “shocking, shocking” news that another baseball slugger, David Ortiz of the Red Sox, was on steroids the whole time.  …
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- We are the world.  Until we’re not.  Our collective Kumbaya moment on January 20 is a gauzy memory.   There’s nothing “post-racial” about contemporary America except in our highest aspirations for the nation we wish we could be.   Flashpoints keep blinding…
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Convergence: Moonwalk, Uncle Walter, Trinity

- red-roof-large.jpgmoon.jpgcronkite-2.jpgastronaut-02-june.gif A small flash on the edge of my brain — Neil Armstrong’s first footprint on the moon, grainy black and white movies of spacemen floating on the lunar surface, that soothing-yet-authoritative voice of Walter Cronkite announcing, “The Eagle has landed”
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Couture Wars

- women_kasper_red_jacket_crepe_skirt_suit_reviews_3594435_175.jpg Of all the mean, nasty, downright vicious personal attacks on Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor last week, the most insidious came not from one of those uptight guys parsing the meaning of a “wise Latina woman,” but rather, from another…
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A Murder in Chechnya

- When I’m in the Adirondacks, I tend to pay a lot less attention to the daily news, which is a very good thing — true stress relief, actually.  I don’t have a tv or radio where I stay, and I…
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Adirondack Chronicles, Part XXV

- Sitting in rush hour traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike late on a Friday afternoon makes me miss the Adirondacks already!  The journey home is inevitable, but wonderful memories (and photos!) will keep me eager to return to the north…
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Adirondack Chronicles, Part XXIV

- Even in a two-week period, the cycle of nature is clear.   The common merganser so anxiously watching her chicks on this rock two weeks ago now stands alone, the chicks having grown up enough to go rock-hopping elswhere… merganser-3-small.jpg Loons are…
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Adirondack Chronicles, Part XXIII

- rainbow-small.jpg The sun came out for a few brief moments tonight in the north country!  This very fine rainbow appeared over Simonds Pond near Tupper Lake (see above).  Last night’s sunset over Owl’s Head mountain at Long Lake was also excellent:…
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Adirondack Chronicles, Part XXII

- alumnae-group-small.jpg The rains stopped long enough up here in the north country to give me one good day of paddling on the Cedar River Flow, and then off the next day to a lovely luncheon with our Trinity alumnae (see photo…
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Adirondack Chronicles, Part XXI

- hudson-at-tahawus-small.jpg Exploitation of the natural resources of the wilderness is a significant part of Adirondack history and present reality, though modern conservation efforts try to offset the damaging effects of development, logging and mining.   When white Europeans “discovered” this northern wilderness…
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