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The Politics of "Deep Regret"


It’s rare for a Republican Senator from Nevada to make it into this blog twice in three blogs.  On June 10 I wrote about Senator John Ensign’s shameful subversion of D.C. Voting Rights legislation — he’s the one responsible for tacking on a rider that would have stripped D.C. citizens of their right to control guns on their own streets.   Because the Ensign Amendment so clearly undermined safety and security for the people of this city, D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton and Representative Steny Hoyer withdrew the legislation that would have, at long last, given D.C. citizens modest voting representation in Congress.   Thanks to Senator Ensign, D.C. citizens remain disenfranchised.

Now we learn that Senator Ensign was doing more than blocking voting rights for D.C.   Today’s Washington Post reports that Ensign has admitted carrying on an affair with one of his aides.   The standard and well-worn “deep regret” speech is bouncing around the airwaves.

What’s with these guys?   Ensign now joins a rather long roster of rogues who carried on while knowing full well that, at some point, someone would spill the beans.   John Edwards, Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton, Larry Craig …. it goes on and on, both sides of the aisle, all politically powerful men whose affair with power robbed them of all common sense, self-control and plain old decency.

Senator Ensign should have learned from them.   He should have kept his pistol in his pocket.

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