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Digital Darkness


images.jpegI’m doing without Doug Hill these days.   Don’t really need him, he’s brought too much rain recently, causing a sorry mess out on the back 40….  Channel 7 isn’t working at all in my house, inspite of obsessive rescanning of the digital converter box all weekend.

Yes, that’s right, I am one of those Luddites who has no cable television.   I broke down and bought a digital converter box a few months ago, and it was all working very nicely until Friday when the big digital conversion took place.   I came home to snow all over my television.   Several hours of rescanning and playing with the antenna managed to get me reasonably connected to the 10 pm news on Channel 5, some Italian lady who keeps manhandling food on a PBS channel, and wildbeestes locking horns in some remote tundra.  I have all I need for my customary television watching for 5 minutes before falling asleep.

I called Mom on Friday night to see if her television was working.  Genetics being what they are, I knew the answer.   She, too, resists cable.

“Nothing’s working, ” she said with glee.   That big shiny new flat screen TV that the boys said would be just what she needed was useless.   Vindication is supremely entertaining.  By the way, the Internet is the work of the devil.  Cell phones are evil.  The DTV conversion is all about cable companies selling their wares.   And it all started with Elvis.

I’m agreeing more and more with Mom these days.    Soon, I’ll be watching Lawrence Welk with no prompting — that is, if the channel doesn’t keep pixelating on me.


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