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Crying in Argentina


I need to start by saying that if friends and colleagues don’t see me around for the next two weeks, I have NOT disappeared to hike the Appalachian trail or thrill-seeking in Buenos Aires.   I will be escaping to the woods, yes, to the Adirondacks where the loons have feathers and a haunting call that echoes from the lakes through the forests.   (And yes, fans, the Adirondack Chronicles will be returning to this space!)

I was trying to resist writing about this, since the general theme is so worn out it’s hard to think of anything new to say.   But when I just read that South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford said at his press conference this afternoon that he just spent “five days crying in Argentina” I could not resist.   Was he crying because he had to leave his honey to go back to the state capitol to attend to business?   Was he crying for the wife and children he has just disgraced?  Was he crying for the end to all of his political ambitions?

Sanford “disappeared” last week and allowed rumors to run rampant that he was “hiking on the Appalachian Trail” or getting down with some writing project.   Well, he certainly was doing the “getting down” part — what is with these guys?   Did he think that doing it out of the country doesn’t count?   Is he aware that there are press people in Argentina, too?

Then there was Rudy Giuliani instantly popping up as a talking head on  saying that, well, Democrats do it “just as often” — Rudy is an expert on the topic, pay attention to the man!

Roll Call:

Mark Sanford (Republican, South Carolina Governor)

John Ensign (Republican, Nevada Senator)

John Edwards (Democrat, former VEEP candidate, North Carolina Senator)

Eliot Spitzer (Democrat, New York Governor)

Larry Craig (Republican, Idaho Senator)

David Vitter (Republican, Louisiana Senator)

Rudy Giuliani (Republican, New York Mayor)

Kwame Kilpatrick (Democrat, Detroit Mayor)

Newt Gingrich (Republican, former Speaker of the House)

Bill Clinton (Democrat, former President of the United States)

Hmm… there’s a theme here… MEN… POWERFUL MEN….

What’s wrong with these guys??

I’m heading to the north woods.  The loons are safe there.

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