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Adirondack Chronicles, Part XVII


AAAaaaahhhhh!  Back to the cool nights, rain on the roof, sleeping late, breathing in that balsam-scented air, listening to nothing but the call of the loons…. it’s Adirondack season again for me, and a return to the Adirondack Chronicles…..

Easy enough to pick up where I left off last year…. my friends Jackie and Joe left the cabin open for me, and by late Friday I was watching the sun set over Long Lake… heaven!

Nature’s rhythms are so clear up here…. it’s the season for birthing and raising the chicks again, so all over the place there are wee little furry things scampering after clucking mothers…. the common mergansers take care of their broods with the sixth sense of mothers sensing danger approaching, hopping off rocks and swimming away even though the photographer was at least 50 yards away….



Snapping turtles don’t appear often, except when they burrow through the sandy soil to lay their eggs, which they then cover up in the hopes that some will hatch by fall…. this mother turtle happened to poke up near the road at Little Tupper Lake, and not even an hour later she was gone and the hole filled as if nothing had happened….


Birds abound, none so greedy as the cedar waxwings who love their berries…


Time for lunch!!

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