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Adirondack Chronicles, Part XVII

- AAAaaaahhhhh!  Back to the cool nights, rain on the roof, sleeping late, breathing in that balsam-scented air, listening to nothing but the call of the loons…. it’s Adirondack season again for me, and a return to the Adirondack Chronicles….. Easy…
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Crying in Argentina

- I need to start by saying that if friends and colleagues don’t see me around for the next two weeks, I have NOT disappeared to hike the Appalachian trail or thrill-seeking in Buenos Aires.   I will be escaping to the…
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The Harvard Economy

- Too big to fail?   Harvard University is certainly big — more than 20,000 students, 18,000 faculty and staff, a budget of about $3.3 billion, a score of schools and institutes and allied programs, and an endowment that topped $36 billion…
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Live Each Day

- No one who boarded the Metro late yesterday afternoon expected to wind up in an ambulance.  Nobody humming along to iPod tunes while getting on board at Silver Spring expected to wind up sprawled on the tracks.   Nine people certainly…
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Let Freedom Tweet

- Stories filtering out of Teheran reveal that Twitter, You Tube and other new media are playing some role in the massive protests over the presidential election in Iran.   Americans watch the shaky videos furtively uploaded to You Tube
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The Politics of "Deep Regret"

- It’s rare for a Republican Senator from Nevada to make it into this blog twice in three blogs.  On June 10 I wrote about Senator John Ensign’s shameful subversion of D.C. Voting Rights legislation — he’s the one responsible for…
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Digital Darkness

- images.jpegI’m doing without Doug Hill these days.   Don’t really need him, he’s brought too much rain recently, causing a sorry mess out on the back 40….  Channel 7 isn’t working at all in my house, inspite of obsessive rescanning of…
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- It’s happened again.   Another madman with a gun, another human being’s life shattered, bleeding, slowly oozing away, doctors frantically helpless to stanch the bleeding, families devastated, children traumatized, adults wondering how it happened… and yet, knowing very well how it…
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Women's Rights and Education

- In his speech in Cairo last week, President Obama outlined seven themes that are the bedrock of a peaceful, economically secure society.   The media have highlighted his words on violent extremism and US-Muslim relations, the Arab-Israeli conflict, Nuclear weapons, global…
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Wisdom Growing with Power

- Among many remarkable historical, social and religious references in his speech to the Muslim world in Cairo last week, President Obama made two references to Thomas Jefferson, one of the most intellectual of our American presidents.   Obama mentioned the fact…
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