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Welcome Back, Welcome Home!



(Above:  Group from Class of 59 Trinilogue)

35 years ago, the Class of ’74 made a mad dash away from the commencement lawn — we were not so blessed as the Class of 2009, the thunderclouds mounted and broke wide open over our fated day — we ran headlong away from the storm that ended our Trinity years, plunging eagerly, brashly, confidently into the raging turmoil that was our nation in the final months of the Nixon Administration and end stages of Vietnam.   Since we scattered that day, my classmates have gone on to great careers, fabulous families, and their own share of life’s trials and sadness.   Some are gone; some remained friends for life.  Some pop up at the most unexpected times; too many have never returned to Trinity — but it’s never too late!   Greens of ’74:  you are always welcome here, even if you did not r.s.v.p.!!

This is Alumnae Reunion weekend, our annual gathering of the daughters of alma mater from the ends of the earth.   This year, we gather the classes that end in “4” and “9” and they are, as usual, a marvelous group of Trinity Women.

This is actually my 36th straight year of Trinity reunions — I started working reunions in my junior year, and have just managed to keep my hand in one way or the other ever since.  Reunion is one of the great sociological windows into the lives of Trinity women — I have grown up with many of the classes, and have watched others move through all of their life stages.   What impresses me most is the way Trinity women can be absent from each other for years, and then come together and connect as if no time elapsed whatsoever.  Even those who remained away for decades are welcomed back as if only gone for a weekend.

There are some really great classes and great women in this year’s crop of Reunion classes.   I’m eager to see 1999 and 2004 — has that much time already elapsed since you were just here?

I know that the Great Class of 1969 will rock the house — as ’69 has rocked every single moment of their Trinity lives.

’64 is a marvelous group, one that also has been extraordinarily generous to Trinity in so many ways.


The golden jubilee class this year is 1959 — I have already been reading your anniversary yearbook and can’t wait to greet you! There you are in the yearbook photo, above, gathered in the brand new Cuvilly Hall lounge!

So many other great classes — I am now in trouble for not mentioning all, but will try to do so during the weekend.   But let me pay special tribute to the Class of 1944!  Some of the members of this class are already here, and the party is just beginning — 65 years since their graduation day,  and they have been among Trinity’s great alumnae pillars ever since.   ’44, we salute you!


Above, here’s the Class of 1944 seniors in caps and gowns presiding at a Student Government meeting.   That was real style!  Something we should consider reviving..!!

And here’s Kay Alberti Angermueller, Trinity Times editor in ’44, still the best and most reliable source of good news about ’44 and all Trinity alumnae:


More to come throughout the weekend….

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